Softcover. Global Women Project by Jennifer White Kuri, American


Softcover. Global Women Project by Jennifer White Kuri, American



Softbound, each hand signed and numbered by artist


10 X 14 in.   /  25 x 36 cm.

338 pages


Featuring a foreword and statement by art historian Gabriella Daris and Curator Peter Frank


Debuting at Biennale Arte Dolomiti in northern Italy May 29, 2016, this book is the culmination of the 10-year “Global Women Project”. It is a series of portraits of women around the world who are influential in their respective areas of the globe, all who have worked to improve their social, political and physical environments across all borders as well as to the deep sea and out into the universe. The purpose in doing this as an art project is to offer inspiration and hope to multitudes of women throughout the world, through an array of art mediums including this published work.


Women include:


Nadine Al Bedair

Almudena Bernabéu

Benzair Bhutto

Rita Borsellino

Rossana Castrellón

Baroness Caroline Cox

Sylvia Earle

Girls Who Code

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Sally Ride

Soula Saad

Sonia Maria Sotomayor



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