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April 29th - May 13th, 2017


Saturday April 29th | 7-10PM


AC Gallery presents a solo exhibition titled “Post No Bills” featuring the work of Bill Wishner on Saturday, April 29th. Wishner has been an accomplished photographer for the past twenty years, garnering acclaim for his jazz photography. He was the co-editor (with Bill Minor) of the 40th Anniversary book for the Monterey Jazz Festival (Monterey Jazz Festival: 40 Legendary Years, Angel City Press, 1997). In 2012, he started the ongoing series – The Art of the City Wall depicting the art and visual aesthetics of city walls from various countries across the globe.

Wishner is also the founder of f8 Pasadena Salon, dedicated to the art and aesthetics of photography as well as the Co-Director of PasadenaPhotographyArts (a Project of the Pasadena Arts Council EMERGE program). A local Pasadena resident, Bill currently serves on the board of Five Acres and helps teach medical ethics as a Clinical Professor of Medicine at Keck USC School of Medicine. Bill enjoys prose poetry and has published two volumes of prose poems called “Things That Happen When You Travel.”

AC Gallery Director and Curator Carlos Benitez said he was excited to show Wishner’s work. An opening will be held on on Saturday April 29, from 7-10pm at AC Gallery, 1546 N. Highland Ave. Los Angeles CA., 90028. The reception will offer wines and food from international countries such as France, UK, Germany, Chili, Argentina.

The AC Gallery is located on Highland Avenue between the famed Sunset and Hollywood Boulevards. With a location right in the “Heart of Hollywood” and within walking distance to popular attractions such as the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Hollywood & Highland Center and the Dolby Theatre (formerly known as the Kodak Theatre), the AC Gallery will put your brand front and center of an estimated physical audience of over 100,000 daily individuals including art collectors, curators, artists, commuters and tourists (with thousands more virtual visitors through our digital platforms, e-mails, and social media outlets). 

AC Gallery opened in Los Angeles in 2012 to make art accessible to a broader audience of collectors, artists and enthusiasts. The gallery has since exhibited extraordinary artists, both emerging and established, who have gone out and been successful in the art world. AC Gallery continues to create rich opportunities for artists and galleries by collaborating alongside curators and art buyers. 

Don’t miss the opening reception of “Post No Bills,” a solo exhibition celebrating the photography of Bill Wishner  ” at AC Gallery on Saturday April 29, from 7-10pm. RSVP:

The AC Gallery is located at 1546 N. Highland Ave. Los Angeles CA., 90028; Hours are: Mondays – Fridays, 9-6:30pm; Saturday: Noon-5:00pm; Sunday: Closed. For more information about the AC Gallery, visit

Additional information about Bill Wisner can be found on his website at



ElectriCAL Colors

Bill Wishner | Brayden | Brian Bernhard | Candace Wight | Elisabeth O'Rourke | Evgenii Masko | Federico Naef | George Hobbs | Joey James Salehi | Jon Krzysik | Jonathan Maldonado | Lance Chang | Linzi Lynn | Matthew Mars | Michael Mason | Mr. MK Ultra | Norris Archer Harrington | Olivia Barrionuevo | Paul Ingrisano | Qin Zhang | Richard Cartwright | Ricky Sencion | Rohan Peiris | Sergio Villarini | Tommy Hollenstein | Vera Long | Yingjiu Jiang | Yutaka Ai

May 13th - May 18th, 2017


Saturday May 13th | 7-11PM



A renaissance of colors within an explosion of a vibrant summer energy. We at AC Gallery take pride on being from California and feel the necessity to push the positivity of the COLOR component to each and every art enthusiast. Curated selection of National and International Contemporary Artists. Expect a chic evening with collectors, artists, and art critics while enjoying hosted Hors d'oeuvres, cocktails by Buzzbox, live installations and  music performance.

Santa Fe |   46 x 66 |  Oil on Canvas

Santa Fe |   46 x 66 |  Oil on Canvas


The Poetry of Color

May 20th - June 3rd, 2017


Saturday May 20th | 7-10PM



Phosphorescent, phantasmagorical color pours out of her mind’s eye and saturates each of Linda Stelling’s paintings. Her highly chromatic abstracts leave the viewer enthralled and invigorated by their clashes of originality, a kind of sweet synesthesia that her wild palette provokes.

oh pretty paper face…and vermillion stains your hands - Linda Stelling

Stelling colors our senses with both paint and words. She is a poet and her canvases are point and counterpoint to the images she conjures with her writing. -Phil Tarley, Curator




June 10th - June 24th, 2017


Saturday June 10th | 7-10PM




There are no secrets in Lefty’s linework. It doesn’t take more than the mind’s eye to interpret squiggles or to search for what lies beneath the seemingly endless spaces in between. There is only the present consciousness and the planes of existence laid out before those viewing lines in any current space. Though they mostly seem two-dimensional, the shapes burst off of their surface, becoming physical and tangible to the dedicated observer. They entice and inspire while remaining dark and enigmatic. Like a daydream laced with unfamiliar and eerie qualities, the works exist to enter the microcosm in the folds of our brain--a treasure chest waiting to be opened. Lefty’s purpose is to pick the lock.


We are constantly questioning the construction of reality… A child’s sense of wonder and imagination is in all of us-- but far too often it is hidden. While at first glance Vika’s work seems to be a moment captured in time, something far deeper prevails. It’s a glimpse into the soul for both subject and creator. It’s the love in the energy of a moment. It’s the stir of chaos in the calm with waves of energy crashing and affecting every bit of stardust that forms our natural world. It enables our inner child to explore. Perhaps this is our reality… and the answer is an evolving mystery, yet Vika constantly paints a window into the realm of endless possibility.


abstract VISIONS

Thaddeus Hunter Smith  |  Amy Elizabeth  |  Brian Reed  |  Michael Robert  |  Ellen Stern  |  Brian Kutza

July 14th - July 29th, 2017


Friday July 14th | 7-10PM