Illmatic by MESSY MASTERPIECE | Mixed Media | 48x30 | $2600


 June 10th - June 24th, 2017

GALA RECEPTION  |  Saturday June 10th | 7-11PM  |  RSVP:

Artists Corner Gallery (AC Gallery) and Messy Masterpiece announced the West Coast debut of The Glow Room showcasing within a large-scale installation with paintings  done in Glow in the Dark colors. Upon entering this surreal environment, guests can move through this space freely and expect all emotions to flow.

Los Angeles based artist MESSY MASTERPIECE paints for the pure LOVE of it. She lets the creative process flow through her onto the canvas. Since she is not a fan of manufactured enthusiasm, her pieces represent her genuine expression at the moment. With a focus of acrylic and aerosol on canvas, wild mixes of colors in matt, gloss and metallic finishes bring visual interest and demand attention. Heather's messy little masterpieces express her emotional connection, playful nature and limitless joy.


Jet Set (City Lights) by Brayden | Mixed Media | 40x54 | $7500

SUMMER EXHIBITION | Endless SUMMER |  July 1st - July 8th, 2017

GALA RECEPTION  |  Saturday July 1st | 7-11PM  |  RSVP:

AC Gallery, located in the “Heart of Hollywood,” is looking for you to participate in our upcoming Summer group exhibition running July 1st - July 8th!

Expect a chic evening with collectors, artists, and art critics while enjoying hosted Hors d'oeuvres, cocktails, live installations and  music performance.

All the exhibited artwork should be categorically Photography, Urban, or Contemporary Art with all creative interpretations and media in between. Submitted artworks chosen for exhibition will be selected by AC Gallery Director and Curators.

Artists are invited to submit one, three or five works. Submission fee applies. Please click here for more information and to enter your artwork for review.

   L to R: | Thaddeus Hunter Smith |Brian Reed |Ellen Stern |

   L to R: | Thaddeus Hunter Smith |Brian Reed |Ellen Stern |


abstract VISIONS

Thaddeus Hunter Smith  |  Amy Elizabeth  |  Brian Reed  |  Michael Robert  |  Ellen Stern  |  Brian Kutza

July 14th - July 29th, 2017


Friday July 14th | 7-10PM



abstract VISIONS expresses the group collective’s lively innermost thoughts. Form and creativity convene throughout the exhibition with beauty, color and shapes coming together to initiate abstracted visual experiences.

The six different artists express these thoughts through a combination of acrylic, monoprinting, watercolor, sculpture, neon and a variety of other mixed media and surfaces. The group collective thoughtfully release and surrender to this incredible force called art, together bringing about a balanced harmony concealed within the bustling abstraction.