Phil Tarley

Phil Tarley

Phil Tarley’s The Critical Eye

A Focus on Seeing

Instructor | Phil Tarley

Multi-Day Sessions:

One Week | Monday - Friday


Phil Tarley’s The Critical Eye is a series of five seminars, taught by art critic Phil Tarley. Great artists can see with indelible eyes. The best art is visionary art. It is haunting and can completely change your point of view. Great art should be filled with pith, mystery, and subtext. It comes back into your mind’s eye long after you have left the gallery or at night, on the edge of sleep. Often we look at paintings and photographs but do not see inside the works. Phil Tarley’s The Critical Eye seminars will help artists understand why artworks have the capacity to change the human condition. We will analyze them and work towards creating a way to see art that enables us to bring that wonderment into our own painting and photography.

Using classical painting and photography, as well as contemporary work, the course will discuss lighting, composition, color, and mystery.  How an artist can develop an eye and create a personal, branded vision will be a component of this series of classes - A focus on helping artists and photographers see.

Phil Tarley’s The Critical Eye

Seminar One The Classical Masters: Paintings by 19th and 20th Century Masters and how they influenced the development of photography.

Seminar Two How painting evolved to influence photography which developed into a potent art form of its own.

Seminar Three Contemporary Photography and painting. Exploring the best work and trends of our times. Understanding their intersection and their future. 

Seminar Four How to brand your work. When you see the art of an important artist, you know instantly who painted that canvass or who shot that photograph. From Pablo Picasso to Jackson Pollock, from Henri Cartier-Bresson to David LaChapelle, we know straight off, who made what. Finding your oeuvre and creating your brand is a triumph of a professional artist’s achievement. 

Seminar Five Finding a gallery to represent you. Your portfolio is magnificent. You have distilled your unique brand. Your website is on point. Perhaps you need to develop some professional marketing materials.  You have done all the work. Now Phil Tarley will teach you how and when to approach gallery directors, and curators with your work, in polite but compelling ways.

Phil Tarley has a BA from San Francisco State University in Film and Literature. While there he made a film called "La" that was nominated for a student Academy Award and aired on the New York City PBS affiliate, WNET. His work has been shown at The Samuel S. Guggenheim Museum and is in the permanent collection of the New York Public Library. Phil Tarley is a fellow of the American Film Institute, a member of the Photographic Arts Council, and an artist member of the Los Angeles Art Association. He curates exhibitions in Los Angeles and authors essays about contemporary art. He is also an associate of Katharine T. Carter and Associates, a company that helps artists secure museum exhibitions. His writing and photography have appeared in the LA Times, the LA Weekly, the WOW Report, Fabrik, and American Photo Magazine. Tarley's book, Crazy for Cuba: Notes from an Underground Traveler, is currently seeking publication. Click here to read Phil Tarley's art and photography blog, The Critical Eye.

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