Keep History Moving Forward

Your membership  allows us to share and celebrate the inspiring believers who with their works help shape our bright future. Be a part of our growing artist community which entitles members to an array of perks including but not limited to:

  • Gallery representation in Los Angeles (in the heart of the illustrious Hollywood and Highland district) and Miami (in Wynwood directly across the world-renowned Rubell Family Collection in the arts district)
  • Priority submission consideration for upcoming exhibitions in Los Angeles and Miami at the gallery's juried discretion
  • Exclusive access to a members-only section of our gallery in Los Angeles and Miami
  • Studio space to work individually or with a group of artists (reservation only)
  • An artist web profile featuring 3 works and a brief artist statement
  • Early registration to contribute and participate in various workshops

- Member dues are $3,500 per year. 


AC Gallery (Artists Corner) is entering into new promotional ventures for our artists. A major venture is the publication of a collector's fine art catalogue. The catalogue will showcase 25-50 artists from our in-house collection and their respective body of works. More details are as follows:

- There will be a total of 500 + artists proofs hardcover fine art catalogues. Artists in the catalogue will each receive five (5) artists proof copies to keep and/or give away to his or her personal list of art collectors. AC Gallery will then distribute the remaining catalogues to Curators, Art Collectors, Interior Designers, Hoteliers, etc. making this a great opportunity to promote and sell your work outside of the digital, web-based realm.

- Each artist gets a spread profile page with a portrait (preferably taken in artist’s own studio) and ten (10) catalogue pages to feature the artist’s works

- The cost to be included in the biannual catalogue is $495 and submission must be received via email. Click for payment


AC Gallery is also looking into creating individual Artist web pages on our website (example: This will be your own individual web page to which you can direct collectors (they tend to enjoy seeing works on gallery websites); up until now Artist web pages have only been made available to solo exhibition artists at AC Gallery. These pages will expand your international online art presence by thousands as pages tend to do very well on search engines; our website provider is real SEO friendly. 

Artist web pages include the following details:

- Biography

- Artist Statement

- Curriculum Vitae (CV), if applicable

- Works with accompanying information (~ 20 works max)

- The cost to set up an Artist web page is $350


AC Gallery, is looking for you to participate in our upcoming Art Fair Exhibitions, All the exhibited artwork should be categorically Photography, Urban, or Contemporary Art with all creative interpretations and media in between. Submitted artworks chosen for exhibition will be selected by AC Gallery Director and Curators.

Artists are invited to submit up to five works. Submission fee applies. Please email to: gallery@artistscorner for more information and to enter your artwork for review.

AC Miami,  Art Basel week in Miami FL 

LA ART SHOW, Los Angeles 

LA ART SHOW, After Hours  Los Angeles

EXPO Contemporary

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