Eat Me 1 by Federico Naef, Switzerland


Eat Me 1 by Federico Naef, Switzerland


Edition 1 / 9

36x48 inches  |  91x122 cm

Photographic print; Facemount plexiglass


Federico Naef was born in Zurich, Switzerland  in a Swiss-Italian family. Discovering photography as a child and being passionately drawn to it, he started 1980 working as a freelance assistant for various fashion-photographers in order to obtain profound knowledge in the field of fashion, beauty and advertising. 

Furthermore his occupation as a press photographer and paparazzo for several publishing houses helped him to expand the range of competencies and refine his skills.He also specialized in still-lifes and was appointed photographer of the Zurich Opera Ballet. 

Several stays abroad, such as Paris, Milan and New York, extended his horizon and improved his professional qualifications in fashion and people.

His personal strenght is the ability to develop and implement innovative and creative ideas, thus achieving esthetic and meaningful pictures. Some of them were shown at international exhibitions in 2014:  e.g. Premio Arte Laguna, Venedig (finalist) / Parallax Art Fair, London / Photobastei,  Zurich). In 2015: Photo Independent Los Angeles, 2016: Artifact New York and more....


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It is hard to get images of Federico Naef out of your mind. Notwithstanding the veneer of his pop inspired, vertiginous atmosphere, something haunting, even unsettling, permeates his photographs. This is the result of the artist’s highly sophisticated pictorial intelligence, which recognizes the value of indicating spatio-temporal involutions in order to draw the eye and the mind to the space of possibility that can only be aroused by paradox.

Naef’s vision asserts that there is a continuum which validates and nullifies the situation of what might be called “the sensory givens” of physiological and somatic existence. What is striking in these works is the artist’s control of his subject and the seemingly heightened significance of what one might assume is fetishized content. It enchants and mystifies in equal measure.

This passage expresses in some fair measure the quotient of vitality that courses through Naef’s work that deals lightly yet effectively with feelings, perhaps, of separation and loneliness. Within this balance of tensions Naef constructs intimate scenes in which we perceive mindfulness investigating an individual shaped by the culture of consumption.

Federico Naef’s photographs are remarkable images which contain spaces that refer to primary temporality seen as a dynamic unity whose dimensions overlap one another while never co-inciding. The very condition which allows for social connection and shared participation in the common creating of meaning. What we can all share in the viewing of this work is the artist’s commentary on the state of pop culture and consumerism. This engagement on the part of the artist leads the viewer to a space of evocative, straightforward and nuanced expression.


2017: PhotoLa - LosAngeles

2016: Photo 16 - Zürich

2016: Artifact-New York - solo exhibition

2015: photo independent - Los Angeles

2014: Photobastei - Zürich

2014: Premio Art Laguna - Venice Italy ( Worldwide art contest, the 30 best photographers were exposed and printed in a book) see pdf

2013: Parallax Art Fair - London