Natasha Babenko

Natasha Babenko

New Technology & Media

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Instructor | Natasha Babenko

Multi-Day Sessions:

One Week | Monday-Saturday

Two Weeks | Monday, Wednesday, Friday


Radical Experiential Design introduces the notions of seeing as a primary source of experience design. The creation and exploration of the new type of viewer as well as the fundamentals of the filmmaking will constitute the backbone of the workshop. The current overview of the cutting edge visual mediums (VR, AR, Magic Leap, etc.), the context of the emergence and the rapidly changing new media will serve as an invitation to explore new space for the artists to create and express themselves.

Introduction to Radical Experiential Design

Day 1 In the darkness

Day 2 Lovehateshapecolor

Day 3 Story now

Day 4 Pls, enter

Day 5 Seduced by sound, betrayed by light

Day 6 Free flow: i see i go i create

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