Magenta Inspiration by Evgenii Masko, Russian


Magenta Inspiration by Evgenii Masko, Russian


Unique 1/1

36x48 inches | 91x122 cm

Acrylic; museum frame

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Evgenii Masko is an Abstract artist who was born in Russia, but at the age of 20 he moved to Kiev, Ukraine. Being a professional hairstylist, he continued to discover his talents and in 2010 Evgenii began to create abstract thought provoking paintings. 

In 2012 he graduated from the School of Contemporary Fine Arts in Kiev (Ukraine), course of paintings and graphic art.

During last 7 years Evgenii has had many exhibitions of his art works in Ukraine, Russia, United Kingdom (London) and UAE (Dubai). 

Currently artist lives in Los Angeles, California, and continues creating masterpieces of abstract art. In his art Masko uses different combinations of acrylic, makes experiments with the texture and color. 

Evgenii's favorite abstract artist is Jackson Pollock, and also he is inspired by traveling around the world.

"Abstraction - is a dialogue with the person's soul. Each of my painting has a certain energy message, which enables each person to establish with it a unique and unmistakable touch. This is something that is difficult to describe by words, but when the connection is established, the picture begins to talk directly with the heart of a person, transforming and filling it".

- Evgenii Masko -