A Tranquil Dusk by Yingjiu Jiang, Chinese

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< a tranquil dusk>.JPG

A Tranquil Dusk by Yingjiu Jiang, Chinese


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24x24 inches | 61x61 cm

Oil on canvas

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Yingjiu Jiang, male, a contemporary young artist,was born in Liaoning Province

of China in October 1967. He graduated from Shenyang Luxun Academy of Fine

Arts in 1989, and is a member of Jilin Fine Arts Association and Beijing Oil Painting

Association. Yingjiu Jiang specializes in aestheticism and is good at painting

beautiful young girls and Characters in Peking opera in a realistic way. His paintings

combine aestheticism of classicalism with color elements of impressionism,

which also inherit Chinese traditional culture and arts. Yingjiu Jiang’s paintings

are exquisite and full of emotions, many of which are often on exhibitions home

and abroad.They are so popular that many of them are enshrined by professionals

from different parts of the world, and some are even appreciated by presidents of

different countries.