A Ride to the Galaxy by Shen Li, Malaysian


A Ride to the Galaxy by Shen Li, Malaysian


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24x30 inches | 61x76 cm

Acrylic on canvas

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Shen Li is a Los Angeles-based contemporary artist who creates hyper-detailed

paintings inspired by nature, pop culture, sociopolitical issues, and fantasy.

Working with acrylic, Shen paints primarily in black and white, to invite people to

focus on the minutiae of her paintings and the multifaceted stories that they tell.

Shen is a self-taught artist who worked as a lawyer for seven years in her former

career. Drawing upon her radical departure from her previous life, many of Shen’s

works explore the subtext of what it means to search for purpose and meaning

within the identities and worlds that we create for ourselves. In transitioning from

law to art, Shen is inspired by their powerful common potential as tools to explore

the intersection of humanity and morality, challenge the status quo, examine issues

that transcend cultural boundaries, and foster beauty in this world.